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Designing Activities
Construction of FSS and Other Inv. Projects
Service Activities
Other Services


  • Consulting services in the area of construction of petrol stations and other investment units
  • Suitability of locating petrol stations in the intended locations
  • Design of the size of petrol stations (number of fuel dispensers, size of tanks, size of forecourt, etc.)
  • Layout of petrol stations
  • Additional services for petrol stations


  • Assistance in the provision of financial means for the construction of petrol stations (leasing, cooperation with oil companies, etc.)

Designing Activities

  • Preparation of design documents for planning permissions (specification) for complete petrol stations and other investment projects (construction and technological part)
  • Preparation of design documents for building permits (construction and technological part)
  • Preparation of implementation design documents (construction and technological part)
  • Engineering activities

Construction of FFS and Other Investment Projects

Construction of petrol stations as a general contractor.

In case the technological part of a petrol station is only provided, we offer a complete solution for different kinds of fuel (petrol, diesel, AdBlue, Ethanol, Biodiesel, LPG, CNG, etc.)

The most common types of technology:

  • Fuel storage tanks (single-wall, double-wall, traversing, aboveground, underground tanks, etc.)
  • Leak detection of tanks and pipeline network, tank gauging systems (e.g. Gardner Denver Thomas / ASF Thomas, Afriso, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Hectronic, SGB, ZPA Ekoreg, DL 4000, OPW Site Sentinel, OPW Petro Vend, ProGauge / Start Italiana, etc.)
  • Single-wall and double-wall pipeline network (steel, Secon X, UPP, KPS, Flexwell)
  • Submersible / Pressure Systems (Red Jacket, FE Petro, etc.)
  • Fuel dispensers (all important domestic and foreign producers)
  • POS (point of sale) systems (all important domestic and foreign producers)
  • Refuelling machines, indoor payment terminals, outdoor payment terminals (all important domestic and foreign producers)
  • Compressed air distribution networks
  • Compressors, vacuum cleaners (all important domestic and foreign producers)
  • Wiring provision (switchboards, UPS back-up systems, data wiring, power wiring, groundings)
  • Facilities for hand washing or prewashing of cars
  • Portal car washes (brush-type, contactless)
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Hand-carwash and car pre-wash devices
  • Roofing of forecourts and fuel dispensers, etc. (including ceilings, lighting, canopy, cladding, brand and advertising media)
  • Pylons, totems, price indicators (mechanical, electronic, LED, etc.),
  • Shop equipment
  • Promotional and complementary items

Service Activities

  • Maintenance services provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with the Call Centre support, including the administration of databases of petrol stations, their equipment, fault development and troubleshooting, electronic archive of documents, etc.
  • Maintenance services contracted with more than 750 petrol stations in the whole Czech Republic.
  • Maintenance of fuel dispensers (Salzkotten, Sheidt&Bachmann, Dresser Wayne Pignone, Nuovo Pignone, Wayne Dresser, Gilbarco, Tokheim, Schlumberger, Nesteri, Tatsuno, Benč, Adast).
  • Maintenance of POS systems - EuroShop/Shop 97/2000 (UNICODE SYSTEMS), Micrelec, Marketer 2000/3000, Huth (ITAS), TMS-10, T14, Spectra, Adast POS, Tokheim.
  • Maintenance of leak detectors of tanks and pipe lines - Gardner Denver Thomas / ASF Thomas, Afriso, Gilbarco Veeder Root, SGB, ZPA Ekoreg, DL 4000, Site Sentinel / Petro Vend (OPW), Fafnir, USTD II, etc.
  • Maintenance of tank gauging systems - Hectronic, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Labco, Site Sentinel / Petro Vend (OPW), Fafnir, USTD II, ProGauge / Start Italiana, etc.
  • Maintenance of submersible / pressure systems (Red Jacket, FE Petro)
  • Maintenance of compressors, tyre inflators and vacuum cleaners (Orlík, Agre Kompressoren, Schneider, Šebesta, Metapol, VOP HK, Adast, Tokheim)
  • Maintenance of indoor payment terminals (IPT)
  • Maintenance of outdoor payment terminals (OPT) and car parking terminals (Hectronic, Ratio Elektronik, Tokheim)
  • Maintenance of electric installation, outdoor and indoor lighting, brand and advertisement media, pricings, totems, pylons, etc.
  • Cleaning of tanks, wastewater treatment plants, oil separators, etc.
  • Defectoscopy of tanks
  • Hazardous waste transport according to ADR (Accord Dangereuses Route)
  • Tightness and pressure tests of tanks and pipe lines
  • Repairs, adjustment and legalization of tyre inflator meters (manometers), flow meters and large capacity flow meters (Authorized Metrology Centre)
  • Maintenance of aboveground Kingspan tanks

Other Services

  • Authorized emission measurement for petrol stations (medium source of pollution)
  • Spark testing of pipelines and tanks
  • Non-destructive leak detection of pipelines (helium tests)
  • Performance of inspections, measurements, controls and checks at petrol stations (e.g. inspections of all electric appliances, inspections of pressure vessels gas connections, checks and measurement of burned gas ways, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants inspections, checks of fuel technology according to the ČSN 65 0202 standard, checks and cleaning of flame arresters, etc.)
  • Record keeping of technical data of petrol stations in SW databases (equipment types, serial numbers, warranty periods, photo archive, etc.)
  • Administration of electronic archive or archive of original hard copy documents related to petrol stations (record keeping of terms and documents of all periodic activities, e.g. flow meters legalization and tyre inflator meters / manometers legalization, cleaning and defectoscopy of tanks, pressure and tightness tests, revisions, checks, measurements and inspections)
  • Provision of full service in the area of company metrology for external clients
  • Provision of full non-stop Call Centre service for various types of use by external clients (notification and coordination of troubleshooting, help desk in the form of customer support, credit card blocking, etc.)
  • Maintenance and renovation (minor repairs, partial or general renovations, cleaning, washing, etc.), the so-called “building service”
  • Supply and installation of oil treatment plants (oil breasts and oil fillers, drain-baths, hand pumps, etc.), backup fuel sources, etc.
  • Construction, service and maintenance of LPG / CNG stations